About Us

Hello Friends, I'm Erin!

How did I get started? Well long story short, I love being creative, have an idea? This DIYer loves to make it happen! After being asked over & over again to create custom shirts for friends I took the leap late last year to building a business that lets me be creative! I wanted to create quality products and stand by what I was selling. I did the research, bought waaayyyy too many samples, narrowed down a color pallet, and a product list I LOVE. I’ve hand selected the designs I use and I love finding or creating new ones!

Each order is pressed at home. This means I can put different designs on different products. Want to see a design on a different color, let’s do it! Reach out, I can’t wait to make my next order yours!

Behind this shop is a women who wants to support small businesses! How do I give back? How do I help? How do I support? Creating a plan with small businesses to bring their logos to life, lights my fire! I love watching a mock up file become a product. So the question is, how can I help you? How can I support your business? This is your sign to reach out, let’s make it happen!

You can usually find me driving my 14 year daughter around or running after my 13 month old baby boy! Thankfully with the support of my amazing husband - in between full time jobs, volleyball games & nap times, I get to be creative and be here with you all!

I appreciate all the support!